Provider Whole Life


What It Is

UNL’s Provider Whole Life, Whole Life Insurance, allows you to choose a face value that is payable upon your death. You accumulate cash value over the life of your policy which you can borrow upon if needed. Feel comfort in knowing you will still be supporting your loved ones after your passing.

How It Works

Face amounts range from $5,000 up to $25,000. Your beneficiaries can use this money to help pay for your final expenses and mortgage/rent as well as supplement lost income. An accelerated death benefit is included which entitles you to 75% of your policy’s face amount in the event you are diagnosed with a terminal illness with no longer than six months to live. An Accidental Death Benefit Rider and Child Term Benefit Rider are also available to enhance your coverage (if appropriate rider is purchased).

Meet Josh*

Josh’s dad, Mark, passed away of a heart attack at 65. Josh – his only son and a single father -worried about how he would pay for his father’s final expenses.

Luckily, Mark had purchased UNL’s Provider Whole Life policy. He remembered how hard it was to arrange his parent’s funerals and didn’t want to put his son through the same financial burden. Josh received a payment of $20,000 upon his father’s passing.

Josh was grateful to receive a helping hand in his time of need. He used the benefit to pay for his father’s funeral expenses and well as paying off his father’s credit card and rent payments.

What It Helps provide benefits for


Named death benefit


Accidental death benefit (if rider is purchased)


Child term insurance (if rider is purchased)


Accelerated death benefit upon diagnosis of a terminal illness

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