Family Plan – Whole Life


What It Is

UNL’s Family Plan Whole Life, Whole Life Insurance, provides a valuable death benefit to your family upon your passing. Know that you are covering your family in the unfortunate event of an untimely death. The whole life base policy will accumulate cash value over the life of your policy, which you can borrow upon if needed.

How It Works

Face amounts range from $10,000 to $125,000. You have the option to cover your family members as well with purchase of optional spouse and child riders. Your beneficiaries can use this money to help pay for your final expenses, mortgage or rent, and even as a supplement for lost income. An accelerated death benefit is included which entitles you to 75% of your policy’s face amount in the event you are diagnosed with a terminal illness with no longer than six months to live. Four additional riders are available to enhance your coverage.

  • Term Rider to age 60
  • Child Rider
  • Accidental Death
  • Waiver of Premium

Meet Taylor*

Taylor, 20, lives with her younger sister. Her mother Karen passed away unexpectedly in a driving accident. They relied on their mother as their main support for income.

Luckily Karen had purchased UNL’s Family Whole Life coverage. She designated both her children as individual beneficiaries to ensure they would have the financial support they need in case of an accident. Combined her daughters received a $94,000 benefit.

Taylor and her sister we grateful to receive a helping hand in their time of need. They used their benefit to pay for their mother’s final expenses and cover the lost income while they got back on their feet.

What It Helps provide benefits for


Named death benefit


Accidental death benefit (if rider is purchased)


Child term insurance (if rider is purchased)


Accelerated death benefit upon diagnosis of a terminal illness


Term Rider to age 60 (if rider is purchased)*


Waiver of Premium (if rider is purchased)

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