UNL Hospital Indemnity Shield


Did you know?


The average length of a hospital stay is six days. If your insurance plan has a co-pay of $250 per day, one trip to the hospital could cost you $1,500.1


26% of U.S. adults (18-64) say someone in their household had problems or inability to pay medical bills in the past year.2

What Is It?

The UNL Hospital Indemnity Shield, Limited Benefit Insurance, pays cash benefits directly to you. This plan helps fill in the gaps for uncovered co-payments, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses.

How It Works

3 to 10-day benefit period options are available with daily benefit amounts ranging from $100-$600. You have the freedom to use the cash benefits in any way you choose. A $200 Ambulance Rider, Skilled Nursing Rider and Outpatient Surgical Rider are available to enhance your coverage. All plans are guaranteed renewable for life. (Some riders may not be available in all states.)

  • Ambulance
  • Skilled Nursing

Meet Matt*

Matt is 74 years old and lives alone. Trying to carry his laundry upstairs, he fell and broke his hip. He was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

Luckily, Matt has UNL’s Hospital Indemnity Shield coverage. He received $250 / day for the four days he spent in the hospital and a $200 benefit from his added Ambulance Rider.

Matt was grateful to receive a helping hand in his time of need. He used his benefits to help pay for his copays and deductibles.

What It Helps provide benefits for


Hospital Confinement Benefit per day in the hospital


Skilled nursing facility daily benefit available


Ambulance transportation

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