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Short-term Home Health Care Insurance benefits can help your health insurance cover high deductibles and co-payments.

Because you would likely wish to recuperate at home, (hospitalization stay is not required), our Short-term Home Health Care Insurance will make it easier for your recuperation time, and help with some of the high costs associated with such recuperations.  We will pay a daily benefit for each day you receive home health care services such as skilled nursing care (RN), general nursing care (LPN/LVN), and/or therapy services such as physical therapy, speech pathology, occupational therapy, chemotherapy specialist, enterostomal therapy, respirational therapy or medical social services.

·        Three benefit levels to choose from

·        Two benefit periods to choose from

·        Policy includes:

o   Short-term Home Health Care Aide Benefit

o   Restoration of benefits – provides for unlimited restoration of the maximum benefit period for all covered Short-term home health care – see policy for restoration criteria

o   Prescription Drug benefit – is payable without regard to eligibility for covered home health care services

o   Ask Mayo Clinic support – 24/7 advice for any injury or illness, via phone or online

·        Optional Benefit Riders available

o   Accident & Sickness Hospitalization Rider

o   Critical Accident Rider

o   Ambulance Benefit Rider

o   Return of Premium Death Benefit Rider

o   Dental & Vision Rider

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Guaranteed renewable for life.

Provides indemnity benefits for recovery care provided in the home and for prescription drug usage.

The Short-term Home Health Care maximum benefit period for covered home health care will be fully restored when:

          You have not received covered home health care for a period of one-hundred eighty (180) consecutive days; and

          A licensed health care practitioner has certified that you have sufficiently recovered enough to no longer qualify as having a functional or cognitive impairment and have been advised that you no longer require covered home health care or other nursing or home care services, whether or not such services are covered under the terms of this policy.

This policy provides for unlimited restoration of your maximum benefit period for all covered home health care.