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Do you have the means to pay for the rising cost of medical care?

Costs for hospital care, outpatient surgery, and home health care are rising every day. Even if you have medical insurance, you will need to pay what your policy doesn’t, like deductibles and co payments as well as any other continuing expenses that occur while you are sick or hurt. Expenses such as the rent or mortgage, food, utilities, and auto payments just to name a few. Secure Advantage, Hospital Confinement & Home Care Indemnity Insurance offers several levels of coverage and many different benefits to help protect your hard earned money. Benefits such as lump sum hospital confinement, doctor office visits, wellness, outpatient surgery, emergency room, as well as home health care and recovery. All of these benefits are covered on each of our plans; the amount of coverage depends on the level you choose. And all of these are indemnity amounts paid directly to you (or whomever you choose) to use the best way for your personal circumstances.

Benefits include:

  • Hospital confinement lump sum up to $2,000
  • Daily Hospital confinement starting day 7 up to $400/day
  • Home recovery up to $50/day
  • Doctor office visits up to $70/visit/week
  • Wellness benefit up to $100/year
  • Emergency room up to $250/visit/week
  • Outpatient surgery up to $800/surgery
  • Home health care up to $250/week
  • Homemaker up to $100/week
  • Accidental Death of $5,000

Benefits depend on the plan you choose.

All benefits shown are Plan D benefits.

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All benefits are paid directly to you.

Guaranteed renewable for life. As long as your premiums are paid, your policy can not be canceled.

Stable premiums. Your premiums can not change due to declining health. Your premiums can only change if we change the premium for everyone in your state on the same policy.

Payment grace period. You have 31 days after your premium is due to keep your policy in force.

30 day free look. If you are not completely satisfied with your policy you can return it within 30 days for a full refund of your premium.